What are we outsmarting?

Today an unprecedented number of children are suffering. Terms like developmental delay, learning disability, autism, ADHD, pediatric mood disorders, dyslexia, and Ritalin have become so mainstream we are all a little numb to just how out of control things really are. Where did these ailments come from? Children are not changing, their environment is. We cannot continue to blame genetics alone for all their suffering. We currently are experiencing a tipping point where ignoring the fact that our choices actively create the developmental environment is no longer an option. In the community of parents of children with difficulties there is a sense of ownership over the destiny of recovery. It is, in fact, parents who have spearheaded the the demand for biomedical approaches to recovery from autism, ADHD, and other childhood illnesses. Their experience preceded scientific research, instead following a proactive intuition that “something did this to my child” rather than a wait and see approach. Beyond their mission to recover their children another tide must turn. A commitment to prevention must emerge in a similar grassroots way. There are a number of conversations your Obstetrician will not have with you regarding your mental and emotional health history, pregnancy and birth hopes and dreams, and your child’s earliest stages of development.

This workshop is for those thinking individuals who are ready to take on the task of reducing toxicity exposure, creating emotional well-being, and committing to a lifetime of holistic learning. Similar to how you protect your healthy by eating well to avoid heart disease and diabetes and being a non-smoker to avoid lung cancer, there are steps you can take to ensure the health and wellbeing of your children. In this workshop you will learn the questions to ask about your food and water sources, the healthcare professionals to seek out, and the personal work to create a fulfilling and empowering pregnancy and birth experience.

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