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“Once you have been in this field long enough, you see patterns,” says Patricia Lemer.  “The root causes of many of the delays we see become clearer and you just want to tell everyone how to avoid the delays altogether!”

coupleWho should attend:

  • Older moms, couples having trouble conceiving, those considering IVF
  • Pregnant women, those adopting babies
  • New parents, parents of children with delays
  • Health care professionals in related fields

Learn the essentials about being healthy for pre-conception, pregnancy, and in the first year of life.

Designed and presented by experts with 60 years of combined experience:

Janine Burnham Ruth, Homeopath, Neurodevelopmentalist and Energy Medicine Practitioner
Sarah Lane, Developmental Optometrist, certified in instructing Kripalu Yoga and HypnoBirthing®
Patricia S. Lemer – Co-founder. Developmental Delay Resources and counselor for over 30 years.

“We are passionate about sharing this information with people before they become parents,” state Ms. Ruth and Dr. Lane, “We can empower pregnant women and those with newborns to make educated choices about their own and their children’s health.”


Each day begins and ends with a meditation or light yoga exercise for stress reduction.


Pre-conception Health includes topics such as:  The roles of genetics, environmental factors; Epigenetics; Stress and its role in getting and staying pregnant; Total Load Theory; Diet, Nutrition, Hormones; Emotional factors; Natural Ways to Boost Fertility; Avoiding Toxins;  Maximizing Immunity.


Carrying and Birthing Healthy Babies includes Pregnancy Diet; Creating Mindfulness and Trust in Your Body; Natural Birth Choices; The role of Reflexes in Birthing, and What Your Baby Learns Being Born.

Keeping Babies Healthy; Advantages to Nursing; Sensible Sleeping & Feeding Practices, Vaccinations, Communicating with Your Baby, Meaningful Moves® and Natural Solutions to health Issues.

This workshop grew out of a non-profit co-founded by Patty Lemer in 1993 called Developmental Delay Resources (DDR) www.devdelay.org.  Now that we have a great deal of knowledge about risk factors for developmental issues, we are in a great position to prevent them!  Fertility depends on many factors. Miscarriages occur when too many components are not “just right.” Many factors accumulate over a lifetime and can negatively affect fertility, the viability of a fetus, and the health of a baby. We call this model “Total Load” theory.

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